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About us

 Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dreher RU’14.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dreher RU’14.

Adrienne Keith

Owner, Videographer, & Multimedia Specialist

Adrienne Keith was born and raised in Southwest Virginia and attended Radford University, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Media Studies, Production Technology and a minor in Music Performance. She now lives in Blacksburg and is the owner and main component of House Cat Media. If you can't tell already from the name, she's a bit of a cat lady! 

Adrienne specializes in videography and editing, but has many other talents in multimedia production. Her background includes Audio-Visual Production, Live Performance Production, Stage Management, Radio Broadcasting, and Photography. She also loves to sing and play multiple instruments! Her video portfolio includes dance recitals and performances, weddings, promotional materials, and documentaries!

If you have a media project you need assistance with, Adrienne and House Cat Media have the expertise to help your project reach it's fullest potential. 

 Photo Credit: Hayley Conrad

Photo Credit: Hayley Conrad

Hayley Conrad

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Assistant Videographer